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About Grace Motif

Amidst a sea of technology, GRACE MOTIF stands apart in its ability to skilfully market expertly balanced and fashionable technology systems from among its exclusive brands. It educates its dealers on how to properly present and execute a higher level of experience for their clients. GRACE MOTIF strives to compete not only with style, but a sense of grace that is all too often lacking in today’s technology choices and suppliers.

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, GRACE MOTIF has seventeen regional representative firms and works closely with the best 800 specialty A/V dealers in North America. GRACE MOTIF’s brands are only sold through qualified dealers and never over the internet.

GRACE MOTIF specializes in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market – in the residential, commercial and hospitality markets. It currently represents Acurus. Aragon. Artcoustic, Cineversum, and Icon Screens. Look for strategic brand and market segment additions in the near future.

Interested dealers, designers, businesses and consumers are encouraged to contact us for a free consultation.

Contact Information

Sales and Marketing: John Caldwell Phone: (480) 423-4248 • Fax: (805)856-2212

Administration: E-mail: Info@GraceMotif.com Web site: www.GraceMotif.com

About John Caldwell

John is a sales and marketing development specialist. His recent experience as VP Sales and Marketing with one of the most venerable names in consumer electronics, McIntosh Laboratory, is a good case in point. Based on a balanced attack with strategic PR, striking new sales materials, strong product management, revolutionary training and revitalized distribution, John drove them to greater brand position than ever before and more importantly, achieved profitability for the first time in their ten years of ownership by Clarion of Japan.

Most recently, John was co-founder and Director of Sales for StJohn Group. For nine years, John provided the strategic direction and sales management of this ground breaking specialty distributor who forged an important pathway between the custom installation market and the professional designer and architect community.

John’s market savvy and vision was also strengthened during his tenure with CurtCo Freedom Group magazines. As Director of Marketing for Home Theater magazine and Home Theater Interiors magazine, John created a pullout magazine (called CASTLE) within Home Theater magazine dedicated to the coverage of systems integration and networked homes. Prior to this, as Associate Publisher, John also played a key role in the launch of Mobile Sound magazine, Car Audio Shopper magazine and Digital Home Entertainment magazine.

John has written extensively for trade and consumer publications, most notably, the popular “AV Insider” column for Electronic House magazine..

John’s sales expertise and industry savvy includes experience gained as National Sales Manager for the $300 million automotive electronics sales division of Kenwood USA. John also headed the automotive hifi division of a/d/s/ from 1985-1992 and also help found the whole house audio division for the company. John began his industry career with Audiomobile and with hands on retail management experience.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in sensation and perception from California State University Long Beach.