Indy Audio Labs. Makers of Aragon and Acurus. The New American Powerhouse.

Indy Audio LabsAragon and Acurus are American audio brands now owned and recently re-launched by Indy Audio Labs.  Designed, manufactured and shipped from Indiana, USA, Aragon and Acurus are re-born and elevated to a whole new level of innovation and performance. From their powerful Aragon mono blocks to their audio-first Acurus line with proprietary control, these are no-compromise products.

The upcoming line of pre-amplifiers beginning with the Acurus ACT 4 offer the value that audiophiles and professionals everywhere have been looking for.

Unleash-The-Power-acurus-audio-300x300In late 2008, Rick Santiago, an engineer, audio product designer and musician, and Ted Moore, a physicist and specialist in manufacturing precision semiconductors and instrumentation, founded Indy Audio Labs (IAL).  IAL was founded as a means to realize a vision for affordable home entertainment products that bring together world-class audio/video performance, radically simple control and connectivity, and easy access to today’s digital media content.  Indy Audio Labs purchased Aragon and Acurus in mid-2009 as core technology and brand platforms for their new lineup of amplifiers and AV control processors.

Since 2009, Indy Audio Labs has been based in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently has its headquarters at the Purdue Research Park.

ACT4_A2007_with_devices-300x235Mondial Designs founded Aragon in the mid-eighties as a high-value, high-performance line of audio electronics to compete with significantly more expensive high-end products of the day.  Mondial Designs was based New York and manufacturing took place at a local facility that specialized in manufacturing MIL-spec medical and military products.

Aragon amplifiers and associated electronics incorporated these same stringent manufacturing processes. By the early 1990’s, Aragon had set a new standard in the high-end audio market for being able to reproduce dynamic, powerful performances irrespective of speaker load and at an affordable price.  Many of the original Aragon components produced in the 1980s are still running reliably and coveted by audio enthusiasts today.

Acurus was founded in 1993 by Mondial designs as an even more affordable alternative to its, by then, critically acclaimed Aragon brand.  Acurus components were known for “high-end” performance and specifications, minimalist but well-made mechanicals and even more affordable pricing than Aragon.  Acurus was introduced to serve the specific needs of the specialty AV and home theater market for more affordable made-in-America amplifier and preamplifier products to compete with entry-level, foreign made, high-end products of the day.

Scorpion-front-with-UI-1-300x169Acurus itself means “audio accuracy from the US” and the popularity of Acurus continues to span around the globe. Like Mondial Designs, Indy Audio Labs develops and manufactures all of its products in the US using proprietary hardware, software and manufacturing techniques.  The same facility that produces Aragon and Acurus circuit boards and assemblies also manufactures devices for demanding customers in other industries such as medical, aerospace and military.  Indy Audio Labs prides itself on remaining true to both its made in America brand heritage and to the high-value, high-performance promise that made Aragon and Acurus famous.

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