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Cineversum projectorCineversum ( initially was conceived as the dedicated consumer brand for famed Belgian video manufacturer Barco. In September 2004, Technic Electronic Conseil (T.E.C.) took over worldwide distribution of Barco’s home theater business, including the Cineversum trademark. T.E.C. is based in the Montmartre district of Paris, France.

Led by French industry pioneer Jean-Claude Younes, who considers himself as projector jeweler, T.E.C. has successfully developed the Cineversum Home Cinema Concept. In close cooperation with partners such as Barco, Cineversum has steadily built a range of cutting-edge video products for the professional home theater market and are distributing them worldwide through a network of specialist distributors.

Cineversum projector“For the past 20 years, Cineversum has been a reputed worldwide leader and pioneer in the field of private Home Theater video-projection. Originally created and developed by Barco, the famous manufacturer which provides Cinema equipment to Hollywood’s leading film studios and commercial theatres worldwide, the Cineversum staff will leave no stone unturned on its path to perfection.

As a projection user and aficionado myself, I make no concession and expect my own installation to give me the best possible result, may I be watching my national football team or my favorite movie.

Our philosophy at Cineversum is to provide you with a complete, adequate and high-end solution whatever your needs. From the plug-and-play projector to the most sophisticated custom installation, we and our Cineversum Partners will always propose you a tailor-made association of products that will get the best out of your home configuration.” Jean Claude Younes, CEO of Cineversum

Cineversum projectorThe Cineversum technicians and dealers have been involved in this industry from its very beginning. Their long experience with the most sophisticated CRT installations, might it be for home cinema or for professional applications is a major asset when it comes to choosing and integrating the newest technologies. The Cineversum engineers have tested, selected and designed the finest technologies available in the industry that will turn your home theater room into a real little cinema. The Blackwing series are THX and ISF certified and use proprietary software to maximize the LCoS 3-chip light engine technology. Cineversum now offers laser light

More than a brand, Cineversum is a concept. Put simply, Cineversum is Home Cinema par Excellence.

Cineversum projectorSince 20 years, Cineversum has been synonymous of high-quality video products. Adapting the most advanced and sophisticated technologies of the professional cinema industry to exclusive home users. Cineversum, brand name of the Home Cinema activity of Barco, was until recently part of the Media & Entertainment division. As Digital Cinema is about to develop in the next couple of years, Barco’s board decided to fully focus on this professional visualization market and consequently entrusted industry-veteran Jean-Claude Younes to bring Cineversum to a higher level.

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